Conversations - Brain Combos!

The Scene: Bob and I have just walked out of the house on our way to the gas station to get Subway sandwiches for dinner. I ask Bob if we can take his car. Bob has conveniently forgotten his keys inside the house. I do not want to drive, so we start walking to the gas station/Subway.

Bob: So what do you think the maximum IQ is?

Me: Mmm, I dunno. A little over 200?

Bob: Yeah, probably....

Long pause.

Bob: Hey, what kind of IQ do you think we'd get if we combined two brains?

Me: .........

Me: What?

Bob: What kind of IQ do you think we'd get if we combined two brains?

Me: Well, I guess it would depend on the brain. Maybe 200? Actually no, combining two brains? You're combining the reasoning power of two brains! Probably close to 300 hundred or more!

Bob: I think you're wrong. If you're combining two brains something is going to get lost in translation, and what if the brains disagree with each other? Things would take longer to figure out. I'd say definitely under 200.

Me: But are we talking about two separate brains in one body, or experiment tank, or whatever, or are we talking about the power of two brains combined in one?

Bob: The power of two brains combined in one.

Me: Then they're not going to have separate thoughts and be disagreeing with each other. You'd definitely get an IQ of over 300.

Bob: No, I still think putting the power together would cause problems and you'd get an IQ of less than 200.

Me: Bob?

Bob: Yeah?

Me: I can't wait to post this on my blog!


Upon further reflection on this odd question, I have realized that the IQ of the combined brains would be affected by the gender of the person that they came from. I have prepared some helpful charts to illustrate my new theories:



Everyone at my office has been so sweet to me today. ^_^ The title company we work with here sent flowers and a cake (!), my bosses called to wish me a happy birthday and got me gorgeous earrings, new real estate agent Noelle found out it was my birthday and immediately went out and bought me this beautiful little compact mirror, AND Brenda ordered a special cake custom decorated for me from one of our clients who has a custom cake baking/decorating company (featured in the photo).

Maybe it's not so bad going to work on your birthday. ^_^

I feel so fortunate to work in such a friendly, almost family, environment. It has it's down sides of course, but all in all, I can't think of any office that I would rather be a part of.

..... I don't know what I'm going to do with all this cake...


Oh yeah. Eat it. ^_^

Even though none of my coworkers even know this blog exists, love to everyone I work with. *hugs*


Maya the Personal Trainer

Maya is a bitch.

Who is Maya, you ask?

My is my new personal trainer.

My new virtual personal trainer, that is.

So there's this "game" for X-Box, Playstation 2, or PC called Yourself!Fitness. Yourself!Fitness is a virtual personal trainer. I have it for the X-Box. If a virtual personal trainer seems silly to you, think about all the workout videos that have been made over the years. Maybe you've even owned one or two. Now think about this virtual personal trainer. Enter your vital statistics into the program, decide what area of fitness you want your long term goal to be, and the program will customize your workouts to help you reach your long term goal. At regular intervals through your workout, friendly (demonic) personal trainer Maya will ask how the last segment felt. Tell her "No sweat!", "I was working hard," or "I couldn't keep up" and the program will adjust the difficulty of that segment accordingly for your next workout. Every day is something different - while working towards your long term goal the program will focus on different areas of your body. Upper body strength, core body strength, lower body strength, cardio, etc. Tell the program what kind of workout equipment you own (hand weights, stair stepper, etc) and Maya will incorporate those into your workout. Add to all that a meal planner and a yoga section, and you have a pretty slick program.

It's the workout video of the new generation.


I hate Maya. Maya is cheerful 100% of the time. Maya says annoying things like "I want to see a lot of energy in this move! Keep it up!" Yeah right, Maya. YOU CAN'T REALLY SEE ME! Maya has a perky butt. Since Maya is not a real person, Maya will never get tired, no matter how exhausted you get. Maya never sweats. Maya is obviously perfect, probably has a gorgeous virtual mansion with an expensive virtual car, and a perfect virtual boyfriend.

But I work really hard with Maya. And I'm sore. All over. Which is definitely a good thing. So I'm not going to go homicidal on Maya.

Yet. ^_^


Cross Stitching!

I was going through a drawer in an old four-drawer storage unit that got dragged out of my closet when I was making room for Bob's stuff, and we all know how fun going through old drawers can be! I found movie ticket stubs from when matinee prices were $4.50, a couple of old concert ticket stubs (Dimmu Borgir, Type O Negative, Dropkick Murphys... so much fun!), notes for stories had started writing years ago, boomarks, cards from my 21st birthday, old photos... and among the many other exciting relics of my past, I found an old cross stitch kit that I had started years and years ago.

It was an underwater scene, stitched on dark blue aida cloth. I immediately picked it up and tried to resume where I had left off. I quickly discovered that my younger, less competant self, had made multitudes of mistakes. If I wanted to do that undersea pattern, my best bet would be to simply get a new piece of aida cloth and start over.

So I put it away.


Cross stitching was not to leave my mind so quickly!

It's not very often that I get really into the "womanly" arts. I crochet sometimes. As proof I have made several enormous granny square blankets. And by "enormous granny square" I don't mean lots of normal sized granny squares put together, I mean one enormous granny square. Because that's all I know how to do. ^_^ All three enormous granny square blankets are hideously ugly... which I did on purpose. Yes, I found the ugliest yarn that would clash the most and made blankets out of it. I have dubbed them "The Ugly Blankets". They are awesome. But the point is I'm not a real handwork kind of girl.

Anyway, the idea of cross stitching stuck in my head for a whole hour or so until Bob and I ran off to Michael's to find cross stitching kits. We found a bin of teeny tiny ornament sized cross stitch kits on clearance for $1, so we grabbed one that featured a little chipmunk and two bees. Then we got a bigger but still small/beginner level kit that featured a ridiculously cute little kitten hanging from a tree branch with the words "Hang In There!" on the bottom. Yes, we've now moved past motivational posters to motivational cross stitch projects.

I successfully completed the chipmunk. It's hanging on my bulletin board until I can find a teeny tiny frame for it. And hell yes I'm framing it. It's a huge accomplishment! I've been working hard on the kitten, and I'm maybe close to halfway finished. And it looks fantastic! Woot for my new favorite hobby!

The photo is the "Hang 0n Kitty" stock image from the Michael's website.


To Clean, Or Not To Clean

My place is a mess. It's not dirty and disgusting, but my god is it messy! Stuff ALL over the place, on the floor and every semi level available surface. It was great when I got back from Boston, Bob had picked up a lot and it was actually clean. Two minutes later I had trashed it. I'm not quite sure how I managed to trash it so quickly - I'm just talented I guess.

Anyway. I haven't really cleaned the whole place since I got back. Sure, the living room, dining room and kitchen have all been clean, but not all at the same time. The bathroom looks like a tornado went through it, and you couldn't see the floor in the bedroom. At all. Actually, it was getting kinda hard to find my dresser, too. Bob (now officially my boyfriend and officially moved in! O_O) casually mentioned cleaning a couple of times, and on the weekends I said I would clean. My good intentions were usually thwarted by the siren call of World of Warcraft.... Obviously not my fault!

It had gotten so messy that yesterday I mentioned I was planning on cleaning and Bob's face lit up like I had told him that we had won a million dollars. He let out a startled, yet hopeful, "yay!".

And for once, I did not disappoint! After hours of arduous labor, by the end of which I was sweating like I had just finished a 40 minute cardio workout, my whole BEDROOM was clean! Yep, all the dirty laundry was waiting in neat piles next to the washing machine to be cleaned, new sheets were on the bed, I had moved the bookshelf into the back room (and put all the books back on it!) then moved Bob's dresser in to replace it, and I hung up all of Bob's clothes in the closet. Dresser tops and nightstands were cleaned off, and I vacuumed!

When Bob got home from work his eyes bugged out and his jaw dropped. Then he laughed delightedly. "It's so... CLEAN!" he exclaimed, sweeping me into his arms. "You're amazing!"

I'm skeptical about the amazing part. I think that if I can managed to get the whole house clean at the same time, then I'll be amazing. ^_^